Jul 13, 2011

Hanging Balls of Flowers

Two weeks after restarting this blog titled daily inspiration and I have yet to post anything new or inspiring. I was aware of the descent into un-inspiration as I was spiraling down. Those first few days I felt like my eyes were open to the world around me in a new way, my brain synapses were on fire, and I was crafting a hundred different posts in my head as I went about the day. I started to notice things, smell things, feel things that I had never noticed, smelled and felt before (or in a long time). But with each new noticing came a wall of self-doubt that slowly crumbled my inspiration...Why would anyone care to see a picture of hanging balls of flowers?

In talking with a friend about this spiraling descension into nothingness, I was reminded that this is a space for me to get out all that goes on in my mind. It is a place to process those connections that fire me up for some reason, and write it down in a place that may eventually inspire someone else to pay attention to the magical world we live in. And then, create space in my brain to continue building on these connections, space to continue growing.

And so this is my second attempt. I accept there may be a third, fourth and fifth as time goes by and self-doubt triumphs over inspiration. But as another step forward, I share with you those lovely hanging balls of flowers that I love!

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